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Amazing Healing Flowers Used In Chinese Herbal Medicine

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Flowers With Healing Properties Brought Over From Chinese Herbal Medicine

When we think of medicinal plants, we don’t always think about flowers having healing qualities. Seems like the leaves and green parts of the plant get the most fame and glory. Guess what, though – many flowers have amazing healing and curative properties, and quite a few have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine almost since the beginning of time.

It is said that flowering plants are pretty intelligent. They have an amazing power to draw our attention and appreciation, as well as that of just about every insect known. Flowers are the reproductive organs of the plant, thus they release strong aphrodisiac scents which drive insects crazy and entice them to come over and enjoy. The flowers offer insects nectar and pollen, which the insects then dutifully (if not unknowingly) carry to other plants to ensure fertilization and ongoing reproduction.

Flowers are used everyday in Chinese medicine to provide solutions to everyday health conditions and ailments. However – Chinese medicine, being quite holistic in nature, is not always necessarily about curing specific illnesses. In many cases, the “power of the flower” is used to help maintain a healthy mental state, and to aid in keeping the body and mind in harmony. This helps to keep everything in balance, which in and of itself is the most basic form of preventive medicine.

In the excerpt below, you’ll see a few of the most popular medicinal flowers that are used in Chinese medicine, as well as by those who are “in the know” about their amazing healing power. Please share if you enjoy this article.

We have depended on flowers for our food supply, such as rice, wheat, corn and for clothing materials such as cotton and for medicine, continuously for thousands of years. Long before western pharmaceutical drugs, flowers were used as herbal remedies and recorded use goes back to 500 AD.  Chinese medicine for example has used flowers in herbal remedies to heal a huge variety of afflictions. Here are a few examples.

Chrysanthemum Flower– (Ju Hua) This common Chinese medicine herb has over 30 different specie and is a wonderful chrysanthemumnatural eye treatment for dry, irritated eyes. It’s also commonly used for high blood pressure, headaches and other aliments in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Safflower also known as Carthamus – (Hong Hua) is a red flower used to treat menstrual disorders. It’s known to invigorate safflowercirculation and help dissolve clots. Safflower has been extensively studied and found beneficial for use in patients with heart disease and joint pain. This flower also has a high success rate in treating flat warts. (Now that’s a fun herbal remedy fact!)


Magnolia Flower – (xin yin hua) How about a flower to treat nasal congestion? This flower is one of the most effective herbal magnolia flowerremedies for stuffy noses and chronic sinusitis.




Lotus Flower – (Lian Zi Xin) I would be remiss not to mention one of the most famous flowers associated with Chinese lotus flowermedicine, the Lotus flowerEight parts of the lotus plant are used for their botanical medicine qualities. The flower is known to treat bleeding disorders (i.e. bloody noses) and often used for irritability and fevers. The stamen of the lotus flower also has healing qualities. One use in Traditional Chinese Medicine is to reduce excessive dreaming.


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