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Edible Plants You Can Grow in the Tiniest City Spaces

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Healthy Edible Plants You Can Grow in the Tiniest Corners and Spaces

Are you living in the city, enjoying life, but missing the opportunity to express your yearn for gardening and growing your own fresh edible plants? Does it seem hopeless to grow *anything* of value in your tiny urban living space?

Well, I’m here to share this excellent article I found, and reassure you that you CAN grow some really good edible plants right in your tiny urban living space. It just takes selecting the right plants and giving them a little tender loving care.

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Imagine rising with the sun and tending to your crops, all to the beat of morning traffic.

While growing plants in a busy city might seem like an impossible task, there are plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that can thrive in your urban space — no backyard required.

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City dwellers are used to improvising, so they can make the most of their living situation. Even when you live in a big city, you can still live on a farm.

1. Avocados

edible plant avocado

Surprisingly, all you need for a brand new avocado is another avocado.

Once you have removed the pit and rinsed it well, push three or four toothpicks into the base and suspend it in a glass of water with the pointed side up. Then, place it on a warm window sill and make sure it has plenty of water. In a few weeks, you should have a brand new tree that is ready for planting. Place the rooted seed in a pot and leave it in a sunny place, watering frequently, but lightly. Then guac at the fruits of your labor.

More detailed directions can be found here.

2. Herbs

edible herbs

Herbs are the easiest edible plants for apartment dwellers to harvest. Basil, rosemary, mint, ginger, cilantro and parsley are all viable options for foodies who don’t want to pay top dollar for spices at the store. Most require little effort, just a sunny spot on your window sill or fire escape and regular watering.

Different herbs have different care requirements, so research what you need before you plant.

3. Microgreens

edible microgreens

Microgreens are packed with healthy vitamins and can be used on a variety of dishes. They also happen to be incredibly easy to care for as well.

Keep them in a shallow container and stash by a sunny spot, and you’ll be sprinkling microgreens on your salad in no time.

4. Garlic Greens

edible garlic greens

Garlic greens, similar to spring onions, thrive where garlic bulbs tend to fall short. A small, 4-inch pot and a discarded garlic clove is all you need to start growing at home.

See the Full Source Article Here
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