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Have You Tried These Hot & Spicy Herbal Remedies?

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Put These Hot & Spicy Herbal Remedies to Work for You!

Health-minded people everywhere have jumped on the natural nutrition bandwagon. Green bars & juices, super foods, organic whole foods. Lots of good things to feed our bodies and make us healthier, smarter, and more productive. I say, this is great!

We have so many more choices now than just a few years ago. I remember when organic food was something you got when you had time to visit the nearest big city, and you paid dearly for it. Now, you can find a good selection of organic foods in many mainstream supermarket chains, and at reasonable prices. Oh how times have changed.

Something important to remember, though, is that we need to keep our bodies in balance. All of these powerful super foods, supplements, bars, and nutritional drinks are good and have their place. There is a time, though, when it’s helpful to get back to the “ancient” healing truths and arts. This is knowledge that has served well for those “in the know” for generations.

There is just something about a hot cup of herbal tea that brings balance and perspective into our lives. I’m not sure how to explain it, you must experience it for yourself. Herbal teas are warm and quite powerful. They are easy to prepare, very simple, and require no special equipment. If you aren’t enjoying them as part of your everyday diet, now is a good time to see what you’ve been missing!    🙂

Knowledge of herbal teas and their healing power has been handed down for centuries. This is low tech stuff with a long and pleasing history. So simple. So elegant. So downright effective for helping heal and stimulate your body, soul, and mind!

Making and consuming a good herbal tea is a calming process. You heat the water, steep the tea, then relax and enjoy. Life slows down and the rush of everyday existence calms. You relax. You take in amazing nutrition and healing compounds and benefit long after you sip the last of the cup.

Here are some hot and spicy herbal teas that will warm your heart and bring amazing benefits to you. Please take a moment to share this with others who might enjoy it!

Try some happy grass:



I realized how much energy Dandelion tea gave me when I began to notice it made me forget to drink coffee. I’m not the kind of girl who forgets her coffee, I usually needed to feel fully awake. But after just a few days of drinking Dandelion tea I didn’t feel the urge, I do indulge still but is more an optional thing than a daily ritual.

Dandelion has a reputation as a weed but for a much longer time it has been appreciated for it’s medicinal properties. It’s tea tasted very much like regular black tea, and has been used for liver purification. It kicks up digestion and keeps everything flowing.

That morning dose of energy probably comes from its high iron content. One cup has 10 percent of the daily requirement. That makes it a great allay for females and athletes who tend to be deficient. And my guess is that is the reason I feel such a strong energy boost.

Raspberry Leaf tea


This tea has been traditionally used for women’s reproductive health. Seems to promote hormonal balance. According to Chinese Medicine it works on the liver and kidneys. You can feel it in your mouth as you drink it, it’s an astringent. It’s also high in magnesium, I had been taking magnesium supplements for some time and now that I’m drinking it daily I stopped and don’t feel a difference.

St. Johns Wort

Hypericum perforatum

There’s a lot of literature about St. Johns Wort’s effect on depression. In Germany, physicians prescribe St. John’s wort more often than Prozac. It’s also a powerful detoxifier. So much so that it may negate the effects of other drugs you may be taking, including birth control pills, so watch out.

Lady’s Mantel

Alchemilla vulgaris

Has been used traditionally in Europe for women’s health. It’s an anti-hemorrhagic tonic that also helps regulates your hormones, therefore is a great help with heavy, painful, irregular menstruations. Like Raspberry Tea, it’s also an astringent. This two go well together. I prefer to add dried berries to make it more drinkable and deliciously pink.

Ginger Lemon Honey

Crush the Ginger: therapeutically hit it with the bottom of the glass. Squeeze out the juice of half a lemon, you can trow the lemon into the cup. Add boiling water. Wait five to 10 minutes. It’s a powerful detox and it will help you fight colds. Drink it slowly.

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